European Thermodynamics are committed to delivering high integrity thermal management and thermoelectrics solutions through excellence in design and innovation. For over 15 years, they have worked with companies across the globe, to provide a full service, from initial problem definition through to the supply of high performance thermal components. The company’s research and development team are working on advanced assemblies with higher coefficients of performance (COP), energy harvesting thermoelectric generators and new improved thermoelectric materials for the future.

Dycotec Materials Limited is a European company, which develops and manufactures advanced materials systems. The company’s founders have >50 years’ experience of materials technology development mainly based in developing products utilising nanotechnology. They specialise in electrically and thermally conductive inks, barrier layers and other coatings for the solar and electronics industry.

Abalonyx is a well-established research and development company that specializes in the synthesis and manipulation of graphene oxide and graphene oxide derivatives.